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Caught Drinking & Driving?  Do NOT Plead Guilty!

10 Reasons To Choose Brian Starkman As Your Best DUI Lawyer!

  1. HIGH SUCCESS RATE: Brian Starkman is ranked one of Canada’s top lawyers according to LawyerRatingz.com. He is one of Toronto’s most popular criminal lawyers and is frequently quoted in the The Canadian Press & Toronto media including CTV, The Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, 680 News, CP24, etc.  He has successfully argued and won many impaired driving cases for clients in the GTA and throughout Ontario.   He has either won or reduced these types of charges to a traffic offence for a very large percentage of his clients.
  2. FORMER CROWN PROSECUTOR: Brian Starkman was a former Toronto Crown Prosecutor and has worked both sides of the law. This experience as a crown prosecutor gives him insight and experience on how to defend impaired driving charges in Ontario. He is well known throughout Toronto courts and understands impaired driving cases from the prosecutor’s point of view. Working both sides of the law gives Mr. Starkman the legal experience to know which defences give his impaired driving clients the best chance to win their cases.
  3. EXPERIENCE: Brian Starkman has over 20 years of experience as a crown prosecutor and criminal lawyer and handles over 100 cases per year!  Only a small handful of criminal lawyers have such experience handling a large quantity of matters in which a large percentage are impaired driving cases.  This wealth of experience is one of the reasons for his high success rate and status as one of Toronto’s most popular criminal lawyers.  Brian Starkman is regularly called on by Toronto media and the Canadian Press to provide his insight on Impaired Driving laws in Canada.
  4. TEAMWORK: Brian Starkman has a TEAM of criminal lawyers,  legal assistants and paralegals that work together to have the best chance of winning your case or reducing the impaired driving charge down to a traffic offence!  TEAM stands for “Together Everyone Achieves More” and one of the reasons for his success in defending impaired driving cases is due to his team.
  5. FREE PERSONAL CONSULTATION: Brian Starkman offers a personal free consultation in his office to review your case and go over your possible defenses that may win your case or plea bargain the impaired driving charge down to a traffic offence.  He makes every effort possible to see clients within 24 to 48 hours from the time you call us at 1 866 WE WIN 01 (1 866 939 4601) to setup your free personal consultation and impaired driving case review. Do not wait.  Call Immediately!
  6. WORKS HARD TO WIN: Brian Starkman doesn’t take the easy way out!  You need a criminal lawyer that defends a large percentage of impaired driving cases per year and is fully prepared to take your case to a successful outcome. We use every possible defence that we think will work to completely dismiss or reduce your charge down to a traffic offence.  We encourage you to ask other firms how many impaired driving cases they actually take to trial as well as how many impaired driving cases they handle in any given year.
  7. DEFENCE: Brian Starkman is one of Toronto’s best known defence lawyers for a reason.  He knows all of the possible defences you can use in your particular case and which ones will likely be successful in winning your impaired driving case. In fact, Brian Starkman has restricted his entire legal practice to criminal defence matters which means he will not practice in other disciplines of law such as personal injury, real estate, corporate, etc.  From your initial free consultation, Brian Starkman will look at your case, review what happened on the day you were charged with impaired driving and explain all of the possible defences that may be used to win your case.
  8. HANDLES ALL OF ONTARIO: Brian Starkman has successfully defended and won impaired driving cases for clients at many different courts all throughout Ontario.  Although the majority of his cases are in the GTA, he can defend cases all throughout Ontario.
  9. FLEXIBLE FINANCING: We understand that not all clients are able to pay the full legal fee up front.  This is why we offer flexible financing and payment plans to accommodate your financial situation. Call 1 866 WE WIN 01 to get a quote for your case today!
  10. MANY OFFICE LOCATIONS: Brian Starkman’s has 7 offices throughout Ontario.  Call 1 866 WE WIN 01 to schedule your free DUI consultation at any of his 7 office locations.


The 6 Major Penalties You Will Face If You Plead Guilty To Impaired Driving In Ontario:

  1. Criminal Conviction For Life! Record of fingerprints & photographs at the RCMP
  2. Driver’s license suspension for 1 full year
  3. Large fine amounts you will be required to pay
  4. Installation of an ignition interlock system in your vehicle
  5. Required to take a remedial programme (Back On Track) with the Ministry of Transportation before license reinstatement.
  6. You may be required to be insured with facility insurance which may result in astronomical premiums for years thereafter.

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